EGYPT VALLEY has become  a leading fresh fruit and vegetable supplier form green land egypt to worldwide .

In Egypt the agricultural sector is the backbone of the economy. It absorbs about 36% of the total employment and contributes to about 17% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Agriculture is also considered to be the main supplier for basic goods. As a result, the quest to bring new land under cultivation has been a cornerstone of Egyptian agricultural policy since the 1950s. The Egyptian government has undertaken an extensive program to reclaim desert lands and establishing new communities. The target is to increase the cultivated area in order to upgrade the agricultural production and exports, create new job opportunities and reorganize population distribution by encouraging people to migrate from a rather narrow valley to the new lands.


Egypt valley is committed to meet the following :

Any ethical , legal , customer , and any other requirements.

Establishing and maintaining a brand name of excellence for all of its Egyptian fresh produce worldwide .

Producing high quality , safe and healthy products.

Exceeding customers` expectations .

We do care about our quality  Because “We believe that you deserve the best “

  • Selection : we select only the finest quality products from our soil lands .
  • Quality : we assure you the highest quality of agriculture products in the market .
  • Reliability : transportation methods are ensured to deliver your cargo on time .
  • Effectiveness : Our products are well packed and quality controlled to be as fresh as possible.

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