Grapes flame

the flame seedless is a vigorous, heavy-bearing table grape cultivar well in storage. it is a hybrid of the Thompson ,cardinal and several other vitis vinifera cultivars. it produces large clusters of medium-large red grapes with a sweet flavor. flame seedless requires a long growing season. As such , The plants fare poorly in cool, damp zones. However , it’s good qualities , especially seedlessness , sweetness , and long shelf life , make it one of the most heavily farmed table grapes.


  • Carton box (net weight 4.5 kgs ). prepacked in plastic carrying bags ( 9*500 grams) the container takes 20 pallets , each pallets takes 180 cartons.
  • - Cartons box ( Net weight 5 kgs). prepacked in plastic punnets ( 10*500 grams) the container takes 20 pallets , each pallet takes120 cartons.
Season Jun, Jul
Total No. of Pallets in Container takes 20 pallets